A Real Red Beach-GREECE

Red Beach of Santorini is one of the most famous beaches of Santorini. It is a 15 minute walk from the excavation site. The access to beach is quite more interesting and little adventurous if you arrive by bus. The walk from bus stop to beach is of about 30 min at leisure along the rocky sideways of the splashing sea water. We went here with no expectation. It was a little walk over the landslides but the pebbles were nice. The walk to the beach can be a bit challenging due to no proper construction of a footpath we had to climb up and down a cliff along a narrow path. There’s a sort of string stung up to guide you and to help you if you need to hold on  something without slipping at some points which was good between there was a big warning at the beginning of the path there is a danger of landslides so you will hike the path on your own risk.

Red beach is not a ordinary beach the cliff are really red something like out of Mars. The sand here is a mix of black and red but has a darker color. The color of the water is nice you could even get wet anytime (which i dint do) you see a  lots of sailing ships stops in the bay where the sea is calm. The sea shore is full with nice and colorful pebbles for your collection. The beach has access for sports like kayaking.

         This experience humbles you the towering red colored rocks are a reminder of natures power and her beauty!!





Specialty- Grill, sea food—-the restaurant is just recommended. No first timer will be disappointed. The interior and hospitality appreciable. Gorgeous location, have table overlooking the water. The restaurant sticks out with real homemade local food.

I never miss out Bollywood connection in any of my trips:) the song from Meherbaan from movie Bang bang (2014) featuring the lead pair Hrithik Roshan and Katrina Kaif romancing here in the red sand:)








The journey is always beautiful in the begining






Treat to myself:)

A piece of advice= wearing a comfortable shoes

Transit- regular bus service from fira center to red beach. red beach is also accessible by boat that departs from Akrotiri port


6 thoughts on “A Real Red Beach-GREECE

  1. Rajagopal says:

    Nice to be here and be part of your world, Akshara. Stunning visuals of Santorini waterfront under a clear blue sky. Thanks for liking my latest offering enabling my connect to yours. Best wishes…


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