Volcanic Island-Greece

Watching the Caldera and admiring the beauty all the time from the land is not enough. Not for me at least.
It would be no wrong to say the natural beauty and scenery of Santorini are there due to its volcanic history. Like the history goes the eruption of Santorini in Greece in 1650 BC was one of the largest in the last 10000 years and this was how the caldera produced.
The latest volcanic eruption was in 1950 on Nea Kameni island.

The excursion in the volcanic island was very interesting. With hot sun on the top and hot rocks at bottom walking like this is not for a weak heart:-P . It is worth going to the volcano, after all you don’t hike every day over a living volcano.

It was about a half hour uphill climb from the boats – steady but not too steep for anyone of average fitness, but it can be tiring in the heat as obviously there is little shelter – this is a active volcano, after all.

The moment we reached close to the crater our guide showed us the stone which was covering a hole. He asked to put our hand inside and guess what you could sense the heat of magma.
You could smell and sense the  magma:-D

My trip was made all the more fulfilling because I decided on the spur of the moment, whilst at the port, to take a boat trip to the volcano



The traditional wooden boat. Ready to cruise



I am always ready to pose


Swim in the hot springs


Boats docked at the island port




Journey starts



Check Point – Feel the Heat of Live Volcano!!


Keep walking:)





To reach the Volcanic Island you have to sail.
The volcanic island could be reached by boats, Yatch small and big. There are plenty of tour operators who can arrange you the volcanic tour like the way you want. There are full day tours with sunset view from boat included or 2 hours tour with excursion of volcanic island and hot spring swimming.
With Money you can have choices and Choice is yours!


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