The Royal Gellert Baths

For obvious reason Budapest is called “City of Spa” and visit to this bath makes the belief stronger. This is not any ordinary or some fancy thermal bath. It’s Gorgeous and Royal!


The Gellert Baths building

Gellert Bath was the second set of thermal baths we visited. When I first walked into the entrance hall I was impressed by its grandeur, and vast space. it has beautiful tiled floors, marble columns and potted palms, The outdoor area is vast, with a sauna, Jacuzzi, hot thermal bath and large wave pool. The multiple indoor thermal pools are set in stunning buildings with a great range of temperatures. It’s like being taken back in time to the turn of the century. It is a beautifully vast space which resembles that of a cathedral.


I was pleased to find the pool was of decent size, and most importantly, very clean it was a bit of a maze, but I managed to find my way around.


The entry way

It has lot of pools with soothing mineral waters in hot and hotter varieties which they proclaim to be good for joint pains, muscles.

It seemed clean and the two thermal baths (one at 36 degrees and one at 38) were very relaxing. There are no clear signs or information on how the system works, which was a little frustrating, but we managed to find ways.

Personally I find that if you don’t go to one of the many baths in Budapest you don’t know what you are missing. Ok, it is quite different from many of the modern spas we have nearly everywhere these days, but I really enjoyed the atmosphere. The High ceilings, pillars, the different pools. Lovely!


The swimming area

We had been looking forward to a couple of hours of relaxation in the middle of a hectic city break. Despite very mixed reviews we decided to go to the Gellert Baths rather than any other because of the descriptions of the interior. The only we chose to visit the Gellert Baths even though they cost a little more than other options because of the history and architecture.

Well, keeping aside how this bath actually looks I still prefer szechenyi baths over this.


One of the Bath pool

Like Schenzyi, this Thermal bath too has options to pamper your body – The list of different kind of massage, therapy and treatment.

Piece of advice – Getting your own towel and flip flops. This place is less crowded in comparison to schenzyi.

If you like Art Deco, you’ll love this building. But it has long ceased to be an authentic Hungarian experience and caters almost exclusively for tourists who are willing to pay the far greater entrance fee than the other baths in Budapest.



64 thoughts on “The Royal Gellert Baths

  1. Janice Wald says:

    Hi Sally,
    I know Kiwinana. Thank you for coming by my site just now. I am glad you liked my article about using video.
    In response to what you wrote, are you a travel blogger? I’ve never been to Hungary, but I do travel often. I even thought of becoming a travel blogger. I just returned from cruising the Asian Pacific.
    Thank you again for the visit and the “like”.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. tishmoon says:

    Stunning! =) =) Thanks for the memories, and it is great to know people are still traveling and enjoying life even as costs soar and it gets harder to find time to indulge… =) Cannot wait until I have the time and means to travel again, thanks to this post, Budapest is back at the top of the list! =)

    Liked by 3 people

    • Sallyporte says:

      Thank you for liking the post. Feeling gratified 😊.
      I am kind a new-bie in front of you.
      Traveling is not only a journey to some destination, it’s equally a journey with in. We not only explore new places, culture but also testify ourself and discover oneself!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Sallyporte says:

      Thank you Elizabeth.
      Indeed the place is equally picturesque and lively at night. At night the castles and area around are so lightened up, that the city looks so amazing.


    • Sallyporte says:

      Thank you for liking the post.
      It was disappointing to read that you didn’t like the bath. Your blog about Budapest city is very interesting. I would be posting about my experience with the city soon, hope you would like it🙂

      Liked by 1 person

    • Sallyporte says:

      Like they say it’s better to visit a place once than to read about it 100 times! Budapest is one such place. I wish you good luck ✌️
      Thank you for liking the post😊


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