The Fisherman’s Bastion

This place looks like a giant sand castle .It is a bit touristy with a million people around but it is fun to check out the different fortification walls and the views from different perspectives.

This amazing castle of glistening white stone brought back my imagination of all those fairy tales of my childhood. Its round turrets, crenelated parapets, and spiral columns made me imagine a palace of marbles I kept expecting a princess to emerge with a flourish of trumpets (I know I have wild imaginations). The views were unique and you can fully appreciate the beauty and splendor of Budapest stretched out before you along the Danube, either day or night, but best time to go there is when it’s twilight, just before night.


St. Matthias Church



As per the story, back in the old days the fishermen were protecting this area, something they were told to do in case of attack from enemy (I don’t know what was that something 🙂 I did try to search in Google too ). And after them the place received its name.

The Fisherman’s Bastion has seven towers for the seven tribes that settled Hungary and the views of Buda, Pest and the Danube are breathtaking. St. Matthias Church is the site of royal weddings and coronations. Fisherman’s Bastion has an impressive architecture to see and admire I could just sit and admire the view and forget all about the rest of our schedules!


Tried covering 3 towers from my lens:)


The Parliament building in the backgroud- Panoromic view from here

From here we get a great view of the Parliament and Pest from the towers – if you’re lucky enough to be able to see. The place was mobbed when I was here (just for sometime). The actual bastion itself is quite beautiful. Fortunately the hill is high enough that you can get a wonderful panorama of Budapest without having to pay to go up on the promenade.


The Neo -Gothic & Neo-Roman styled Terrace


One of the 7 Tower:)

Apart from culture and history this place is just lovely for a romantic walk with your loved One 🙂


26 thoughts on “The Fisherman’s Bastion

    • Sallyporte says:

      Similar to how each place may be different to visit in different season, individual experience from same place would be equally different. Isnt this thing that makes the place distinctive.
      Like I read you didn’t visit the thermal bath, but trust me that was the most fun thing for me. It’s choice and liking of individual though.
      Experience of one is lesson learnt to others.
      Thank you for liking the post🙂

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