Blue Cave Island- Croatia

I am feeling super excited now as I am back from my vacation to Croatia and will be writing about my trips in details and sharing my experiences.

The perfect dream Getaway place on earth – Croatia.

This place has everything to satisfy the fantasy of any vacationer.

It has historical places with dramatic history, prodigious lakes and green forests, limpid beaches where the water are so clear that the boats in sea appear like they are floating in air (see the pictures if you don’t trust me ;-)).


The blue cave terminal


Who hates selfies??

It is just a perfect place for perfect vacation, in my terms.

With lots to write…I would start with my phenomenal experience of sailing tour in Adriatic Sea.

Such is the beauty of place that it is not limited to its land, you have to travel the ocean to admire the land, and walk in the land to fascinate the water.

Beach has a therapeutic effect on my mood and hence I started my trip with Island hopping.

I took a full day excursion tour for visiting the most popular 5 islands travelled from Split. Blue Cave , Green cave, Stiniva Island, Budikovac beach and private lagoon at Hvar Island.

Beginning with Blue Cave-

Bisevo island or popularly known as Blue Cave Island is something 1 to 1.5 hours boat ride from split harbor. It had to be my lucky day that everything worked so well.




Perfect weather, calm sea, super sexy speed boat and the coolest captain and guide along!

We reached blue cave island in one hour and ten minutes or so had to wait equally same time for our turn to visit inside the Blue cave.

The tour inside the cave is done by the separate company who take people in group of ten.

We initially thought this was purely a money making scheme. We had to wait there for an hour or more. But I had to see it to believe it. The entrance to the cave is a small opening.  We were asked to bend while the boat entered the cave…I could literally feel I would hit my head to the rock. It was very exciting when we saw the previous boat edging closer to the gap from the inside, wondering how on Earth it was going to fit back out again. Well I managed to get front seat so that I could record everything.


The cave was originally accessible only by diving below the sea level.This entrance for boats was built in 1884

It became obvious that a boat any bigger would not get through the entrance! In fact, we still didn’t understand how we were going to fit! Then, timing the waves perfectly, the boat emerged through the small gap and about 8 to 10 tourists popped up out of the boat! Having to literally duck into the boat to get in made the whole experience even more magical. Inside the cave, the sea glowed bright blue from a gap in the rocks underneath the surface of the water letting the sunlight through from below. Our guide told us the water was just 10 to 12 meters deep. The way that the sunlight plays with the sea water, penetrating through the only crack into the cave are reflected in the sea, creating incredible light effects is truly unique experience you just have to live to tell!





The visit lasted only 10 minutes and its only once you experiences the most beautiful blue color ever. Unfortunately it is not allowed to swim or dive in the cave, but all I wanted to do is jump in the lovely sea.

Pictures don’t even do it justice. Just beautiful!