The topic I intend to touch here is not new. There are articles, videos and blogs that are relatable in many but I was not influenced by any until I experienced this thing very closely in couple of months.

This thinking and argument may differ with many individuals and people of different age, and with people from different part of the world with different culture.

This is not directed to any person in specific but the words herein are my feelings from my point of view.

Even the genius who created alphabets and words has defined the male gender with three letter word as MAN while female as WOMAN, two additional letters.

The difference starts with the letters and when we start to do the comparison, it gets clear that we Woman have additional element in comparison in all formats.  From the Emotional strength, to love we give; to care we take, to sacrifices we do, to pain we take and patience we keep.

I actually don’t have to give details but for some emotionally blind and deaf humans. I wish them good reading and pray good recovery.

I always wondered, Why is it that woman have to leave her parents house and come and live with husband?

Why it is that Woman is the one who is changing her family name with the guy’s one?

Why it is that woman is the one who is mainly held responsible in keeping the house and for cooking for the whole family? I have not got a convincing answer to the universal questions above, but the only I realized. All the above things when you see closely are the customs and traditions created or made by humans, the very mortal souls of this society.

But there are certain things when I think about like;

Why do only woman can give birth to a baby?, Why do women’s have a quite, gentle voice and tender skin, why do women’s who look physically weak from outside, have extreme capacity to take pain, not to forget how bad the pain of monthly menstrual cycle can get sometimes or always, why is love of mother always greater than the love of father.

In  cat and mouse race of the world we have forgotten the habit  to understand , express, compromise,share and make but have developed a behavior to ignore, suppress, being uncharitable and break.

May be the creator had different idea in mind.

When he gave woman a soft and tender body he gave her strength to take the extreme of the extreme pain while he expected a man to be Respectful with the personality he have.

When he gave woman a soft voice he gave her the beauty to charm and satisfy her man while he expected a man to use his physical strength to take care of her from evil and bad external forces.

When he gave her mind full of mood swings he gave her a heart that cannot measure the love it hold and sacrifices it does in life while he expected man to be pragmatic.

There is a very popular wisdom quote which explains, relationship are like wheels of a cycle, both wheels have to move together to move forward so true!!

Dear MAN, similar to the drive wheel of a car we have allowed you to be the drive wheel of the relationship, thinking you will take the car in right direction and care, and we play a role of trailing wheel which provides balance and stability to the car.

There are many jokes which talk about how difficult and impossible it is to understand a woman. The answer to that joke I believe is very simple –

Man first you have to keep your ego UNDER (low) and STAND next to your women with shoulder to shoulder in life and then you will understand a WOMAN.



  1. exoticnita54 says:

    Some things we just have to accept and endure as is..

    And we have come a long way as women to the point of complete equality..
    and some of us women switch roles with men..

    But we also have to admit the difference between men and women is for a reason..
    and we have to acknowledge and validate these reasons…
    to analyze it all sometimes confuses us..
    and some are best left as is and unquestioned..
    Men have their roles to prove their manliness..
    and we women just have to let be the man.. instead of trying to take over their position and then complain that he is not man enough..
    we can be that strong woman behind that man.( the wind beneath his wings). Without trying to run 🏃🏻 him and everything else..

    That’s why we were made so delicate and beautiful.. and was given all the love ❤️ and the strength to endure pain..and the quiet charming personality.

    We are actually that cornerstone that holds up these men..
    without them realizing it.
    And that’s why men were made with so much ego and self pride and if we take it away from them.. then we crushed them… and they fall and fail as a man…

    You can kill the spirit of a stallion.. he becomes useless..

    So my advice ..

    Just continue be that sweet gorgeous delicate creature we call woman.. and lift our men to their heights.. be the wind beneath their wings and watch them soar.. feeling like a king 👑 and thinking that they’re flying without your help…

    Smile.. knowing .. without a woman / you..they have no wings..


  2. solaner says:

    Hi Sally, changing her name and get her husbands name ist not true everywhere. I also regret this custom. I was told by coworkers from Spain, that a Spanish woman keeps her name after marriage. Everyone has 2 surnames. The first surname of a newborn (regardless of its sex) is the first surname of the father and the second surname of the newborn is the first surname of the mother.
    i.e. father is Joe A B and the mother is Mary C D. So the baby’s surname is A C
    I really love this schema.


  3. Brian Balke says:

    I regret that masculine abuse of our virtues has caused so many women to feel the need to assert aggressively these truths. Men are designed to change things, and often the easiest way to do that is to break them (whether it’s forests or animals or other people). When women stop celebrating that behavior as the root of their material security, I think you’ll find that a course correction ensues. There’s no greater motivation than being told “No nookie – not tonight or ever.”


  4. The Incredible Mind:Verity Vyas says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts. It is indeed moving and gives so many the reassurance and belief they need.


  5. Susan Leighton says:

    I am very lucky. My husband and I stand together. We are a united front. There are no roles or expectations. We are a team. That is because we have mutual respect for one another. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on a delicate subject.


  6. Ashik T M says:

    In order to move your relationship stronger,we need to respect each other irrespective of each other.I beleive men symbolizes strength and women symbolizes patience,so it should not be taken granted.Respect and share each others feeling to have a peaceful life forward☺

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  7. Paul says:

    It is an ancient and still very important issue. The recent presidential election in this country raised, what was termed in the patriarchal Victorian period “the woman question” into an intense debate. Here in the south, the argument against Hillary Clinton was–simply put–she’s a woman, and Man can’t be ruled by Woman! Even though we can quite easily point to women who did just that: Catherine the Great of Russia, Elizabeth I of England, and Indira Gandhi of India.

    Nevertheless, here in the United States, where women have made tremendous strides toward gender equality, we see that the myth of male supremacy still holds fast. It is a myth, but one that is tightly woven into the fabric of our social and religious cultures. It will, I think, in time erode to nothingness…and on a positive note, in a world of unconditional gender equality, our great concerns will not be how to destroy our planet but how to sustain it, not how to kill and destroy, but how to nurture and build, not how to barricade, but how to share.

    Thank you for your brave post.

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    • exoticnita54 says:

      Paul.. maybe so..
      but we women proved our equality.. to the point of wearing the pants 👖…
      Some women gets so cocky.. thinking they don’t need men for nothing..
      not true. .. this is the myth…
      I believe in equality too..
      but also respecting men and giving them their roles as men..

      We women need to stop competing with you men.. trying to prove that we are so much better…

      We have to recognize the difference between us is for a reason..

      Look at our physical structures..
      we are built so differently..

      Our backs.. our legs.. our arms..
      what men are made to do.. we women just can’t. And vise verse..
      We have the same brain.. just as smart..
      but.. each has their roles to play and we need to leave it as is..
      and learn to respect ✊ each other for themselves..
      it’s not everything that is worth changing…
      yes we can run a country.. that’s education. And being smart. We are able to to that…

      But as a construction 🔨 worker…
      We were not build for such… ( example)
      Just saying though!!!

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