If life is a journey then travel is an experience!

And experiences are to be shared isn’t it? This is about my experience of a vacation to a country, place where nothing is small. Everything is XL and XXL in all dimensions 😉

Yes, I am talking about continent Africa and Island Seychelles.

The excitement level was high, anxiety was at its peak and so the thrill started from the time of landing. Guess how..?

Baggage lost!

Our luggage was misplaced at the transit port, thanks to Kenya Airways at last finding our bag and sending us back to our hotel next day. That’s one of the best things ever happened which is unlikely to happen as informed by manager at the hotel.

Anxiety level increased to next level. Did not know, if I would get my baggage at all, if yes then when? And if not then what next? Had many questions in my mind but the only answer I could find was – be a traveler not a tourist. I remember reading once,

Because Tourist doesn’t know where they have been and travelers don’t know where they are going.

So was the start of my trip with hiking an unplanned hike!

The dilemma remains whether to go up this MORNE BLANC Trail highest mountain at all???Well, we dint have any other option though. Our bad Google map initially took us to some other place (Hike Casse Dent) but we had to decide between both??Panoramic view?? Or the water fall??

Of course we ended up choosing the Mountain.


We had done little review reading about this place and had very little idea how it could be. It was a hot day and with all set in mind we came to the starting point and wanted to finish this off soon…I meant wanted to be on top of the mountain soon we had already read that it would take approximately 90 minutes to reach there.


The initial walk was fine but the path was actually confusing. The way to this uncelebrated and unsung mountain had no defined trail and was more like confusing steep walk. There were no marks or indication of which way to go we just followed the wooden stairs kind of thing. And a little further it was dense forest.



Unlike other places where you get to see some other hikers crossing by which keeps you cheered up, here there was shit no one.It is said “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”. Here was a same situation with me.We were already tired and exhausted by now and ran out of water too. We sat there for a while just to start breathing normal and then walked a little further it was a moist thick forest and as I had not dressed properly (our luggage was misplaced at the transit port as I have already mentioned about this).


IMG_4867.JPGI imagined about all the creepy creatures – big lizards, spiders, snakes, moth that I could encounter during the trail but I was lucky to have not seen any of them 😉 except few mosquito bites.IMG_4872.JPG Fallen trees hampered the walk compelling one to sometimes take a circuitous route which needed  to be done carefully or we could get hurt. Some of the trails were strenuous than others which meant we had to stop in between. It was a tiring climb and at this point my partner had given up. He just wanted to walk down now. We had almost thought we have lost the way because there was none whom we could ask.

But there’s a saying “where there’s will there’s a way” and yeah then I see this yellow shaded mark on the trunk and happy me I convince him to walk a little more. “The gladdest moment in human life, me thinks, is a departure into unknown lands.” Yes, after almost 40 minutes or more walking we could see the sun rays and must say it looked incandescent. Far from the humdrum of city life and we both had our energy and excitement back.

The last trail Way was too much of zigzag, we climbed a little and again we couldn’t find any direction marks for some stretch I felt like a helpless kid lost in between the woods but hanging jack fruit, rocks placed there as for  sceneries, trees to enchanted forest-like, quiet, I just wanted to explore this beauty and yeah a little further walk we were…….

Finally on top and trust me it was Magnificent!IMG_6819.JPG

The breeze hitting my sweating face my hair getting all over the place, the sun and the view was worth the climb.


We sat on the rock and relaxed.


Walking downhill was awesome we took about 30 minutes to reach down. This hike is certainly a little rough at first, looks unpleasing in the middle but when you reach the end, the climb to top is worth it to enjoy the scenery.

Piece of advice-it is very hot so carry a lot of water along and mosquito repellent ,and don’t forget to wear good sport shoe as some terrain are a little slippery and dangerous.



  1. roninjax says:

    As I looked at the pathway with the roots and obstacles I wondered if it would be worth the trip. However, after seeing the view from the top I can see how one would endure the trek. Nice collection and sharing of thoughts.


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