Blue Cave Island- Croatia

I am feeling super excited now as I am back from my vacation to Croatia and will be writing about my trips in details and sharing my experiences. The perfect dream Getaway place on earth - Croatia. This place has everything to satisfy the fantasy of any vacationer. It has historical places with dramatic history, … Continue reading Blue Cave Island- Croatia


Keep the Spark Alive!

A flower is distinguished with its color and fragrance, a car is distinguished with the Horsepower it has, a simple mobile phone is distinguished with the inside processor it has. Am I making some point here?? It’s all about what is inside you that defines you that distinguish you from the rest and make you … Continue reading Keep the Spark Alive!

Go- Go Budapest

I wrote so much about my trip to thermal baths, ruined bar, tour to Chain bridge, Royal palace and Fisherman’s Bastion, but I still feel I have so much to talk about this lively city. And why not, this city has every reason to be happy about. Starting from our experience where we stayed. Prima … Continue reading Go- Go Budapest

The Fisherman’s Bastion

This place looks like a giant sand castle .It is a bit touristy with a million people around but it is fun to check out the different fortification walls and the views from different perspectives. This amazing castle of glistening white stone brought back my imagination of all those fairy tales of my childhood. Its … Continue reading The Fisherman’s Bastion

Pest to Buda- via Chain Bridge

When walking along the Danube river promenade, the site of the Chain Bridge in Budapest is striking, from both sides of the river. . The Chain Bridge is the first permanent stone bridge that connects Buda and Pest and truly is an important landmark of the Hungarian capital.  It is a good example of the … Continue reading Pest to Buda- via Chain Bridge

The Royal Gellert Baths

For obvious reason Budapest is called “City of Spa" and visit to this bath makes the belief stronger. This is not any ordinary or some fancy thermal bath. It’s Gorgeous and Royal! Gellert Bath was the second set of thermal baths we visited. When I first walked into the entrance hall I was impressed by … Continue reading The Royal Gellert Baths

Szimpla Kert- The Ruin Bar

I went to SZIMPLA KERT with 4 more friends. I wondered what a Ruin Bar was and now I know!!!!!!! Basically you take a derelict building, do nothing to it except build loads of bar areas and invite few to bring their rubbish along, tables, chairs, sofas, beds, baths, old cars and you place them … Continue reading Szimpla Kert- The Ruin Bar

Fake Friends believe in rumors, Real friends believe in you!

There is a saying “A friend of everyone is friend to none”. This is so true! Recently I came across a random post which actually kind off triggered me to write this. I am sure there are many of among reading this who somewhere would have experienced such situations at some point of time. The … Continue reading Fake Friends believe in rumors, Real friends believe in you!

Szechenyi Thermal Bath-SParty on my mind!

The trip to Budapest- Hungary would be incomplete without having visited the Szechenyi Thermal Bath. This is the biggest and most popular of all the thermal baths in Budapest. Getting to the Baths was not a problem, the Metro line stops right in the city park and then it’s a short walk to the baths. … Continue reading Szechenyi Thermal Bath-SParty on my mind!

Aye Aye Captain..Life of a mariner captured in museum

Narrow streets above wide canals, tourists cycling…1000z of parked cycle’s coffee shops, fantastic museums cheese to die for. Whenever I thought of Amsterdam I could only visualize of two things one of the beautiful girls in the red light district dressed to kill and second being squiffed with marijuana and alcohol but in real Amsterdam … Continue reading Aye Aye Captain..Life of a mariner captured in museum