Why Blogging???

           I sometimes spend most of my time thinking about places i traveled, buying books to stick pictures, decorating it..So that it looks like i have The World’s Best Travel book memory…but every single time i come up with some new ideas i postpone doing that.. I am sentimental and i like keeping track of exciting, interesting things that happen in my life…i used to post some on Facebook, but most of the time i felt i should think seriously about writing everything what i think so that i really don’t let it slip from my memory….

          Yes and that’s why i came up with this blog…. I am not just writing about destinations…i will be including all random things am interested of (my obsession)….. I am awfully greedy i want to be a woman (wise) and to be a man (strong)…Want many friends and sometime i like to be lonely..i want to work much keep myself busy..write good, travel everywhere and enjoy myself….to be selfish and to be unselfish at the same time…i know to get all this is difficult but i know i can fulfill one…..that’s Writing!



54 thoughts on “Why Blogging???

  1. Olaitan Maryam M. says:

    Funny! I love to write, so, I blog. Besides, my blog gives me the privacy and joy I want. I love to be alone (I battle with depression) so, I blog to relieve myself. As long as I feel happy whenever I blog, I am okay, anytime, anyday!


  2. kds407 says:

    Interesting post! I’m going to check out your site right now since you might be someone that is just like me: Blogging about basically everything. You should also check out my blog “kds407” too! There are over 100+ posts since February 2016 and counting to discover who I am and so forth!


  3. lifeloguesite says:

    Lovely piece of visualization put down to some amazing words.U make reader feel the breeze of every place you are visiting.Very honest reasons you put forward to start a blog and happy to see that your perseverance for the journey and destination is persisting with quality blog emerging after every new destination.I am still waiting for the other passions you mentioned in your first blog to come up on the creative corner.Travel blogs are mind blowing and I am confident that you are thoroughly enjoying it.God bless dear and enjoy the sail.

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  4. Alan J. Blaustein says:

    Sorry I took so long to respond to your like and read your blog. My e-mail is in perpetual chaos!

    I started blogging just as a way to get my poetry and other writing out there, but I gained followers and following other blogs. I read posts and comment, so it’s become more than only a platform—It’s a community!

    Thank you for liking my poem “Political”!


  5. poetlou says:

    what you write are words and thoughts of others who cannot or will not express what they think and feel , and as a poet i know this all too well.
    it matters not if you write about traveling or stories of love , passion, hopes and dreams
    but you become the voice of many.
    thanks for sharing your blog with the world.

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  6. CommonSenseTom says:

    It may sound difficult but it’s not impossible to figure out… e.g., Would not possessing both wisdom and strength make one’s personality transgender? Does not selfishness teach us to be more generous? Does not hard work make the leisure time all the more pleasurable? Does not loneliness allow us to appreciate friends more? I enjoy reading your blogs and thank you for checking out and liking mine.

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  7. prashantt says:

    That’s how initiate my blogging surprisingly ended up with writing articles for magazines now a days.You are blessed with one of the best experience of life that’s traveling & enjoyed reading about Greece.Happy writing!!👍😊

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