Keep the Spark Alive!

A flower is distinguished with its color and fragrance, a car is distinguished with the Horsepower it has, a simple mobile phone is distinguished with the inside processor it has.

Am I making some point here??

It’s all about what is inside you that defines you that distinguish you from the rest and make you the best!

Life is like a plate with many bowls of different dishes. We call it Thali in India. When a group of people go to a restaurant to eat the same Thali, each one will start with eating different dish…as per his / her choice. Is not life sometimes quite similar to this elementary example…? We may start to eat with different dish but at the end all our plate will be empty and our stomach full (won’t work with everyone though).

We make so many decisions in life some planned some unplanned, not all decisions will give us the result we desire but every decision will give us a learning, an experience.

A mobile phone of any brand, may it be whatever latest apps it may have, it is not fully defined until u insert a sim inside it. The sim inside makes it a mobile phone. This sim in mobile phone is like a Spark in our life. Spark, motivations or kick in life is very important. Without it life is so incomplete and valueless.

Even the candle is worthless without the thread inside. It’s the thread that burns and melts the wax and helps the thread to burn. Our life is so similar to that candle. Our purpose is to burn (Try or put effort) and give light (achieve) but it’s the strength, quality of thread (Determination & Passion) that distinguishes us from others. Thicker the thread the more will be light and stronger will be our resistance.

Two people may have common goal and equal point to achieve. Each of us have certain barrier that may be physical, emotional strength, financial or any other factor but the intensity of driving force is something which will determine who will reach the end.

Life is a race and we all are the athletes. Sometimes this race is like a relay; sometimes we have to run alone to win. Whatever the type of race it may be, it has a finishing line and we have to reach till finishing line otherwise we stand to be disqualified.

Life would make you fall 100 times but how many times you get up and run again is what makes you different… The moment you identifies that KICK factor, you will never realize the pain in the hardship you put into doing that.

Every accomplishment and any achievement always start with a try. Even the clock shows same time two times a day. Never give up in first attempt.

Life is too short to be wasted. Just make the best the life.


71 thoughts on “Keep the Spark Alive!

  1. sanfranciscoatheart says:

    Very nice blog. From your blog name I didn’t think you would be Indian. I must say if you’ve been o all the places you’ve written about you are extremely well travelled. Awesome! You’ve earned yourself a follow (not that there’s a dearth of those 😆 but just saying)! By the way where in India are you from?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OaktownVibes says:

    This is post is amazing. It was very well written and I like the way you think. I believe that people treat others the way they see themselves and if more people actually took the time to search for their own true beauty and worth on the inside, there would be more acts of kindness in this world. Peace and love to you.

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  3. #hhhigh says:

    It’s all about what is inside you that defines you that distinguish you from the rest and make you the best!
    Well wise words(WWW) . Please keep this up , many people out there need this encouragement to lift them up. I hope God lead you. I hope God give you more WWW to reach more broken people in the world.


  4. mycreatorscreation says:

    Wonderful post. It reminded me of the Christian Walk. No matter how many times we fall, we are to get up again and keep on walking…..It also show that no matter who we are or where we are from, as humans we have much in common also…..Beautiful!!


  5. ChinyereDistinguished says:

    Reblogged this on distinguishedlives and commented:

    I’m gonna let it shine!

    I know I’ve been missing in action these past weeks… it’s not intentional and I have the cliche’ ‘circumstances beyond my control’ to blame. Full gist will come later but in the mean time, please bear with me darlings.

    For today’s E-Boost, I choose to share this amazing inspiring post from SallyPorte titled “Keep The Spark Alive!”

    We all have something unique and special that distinguishes us from others… and it’s sometimes a ray of hope for others . Don’t hide or shut it down. Let your light shine, no matter how small it is, it will certainly brighten up some paths.

    Please read, learn and share your thoughts in the comment box.
    Wishing y’all a bright and beautiful rest of week.

    Much Love,


  6. ChinyereDistinguished says:

    Indeed, It’s what is inside us that defines and distinguishes us from others.
    Really love and enjoyed reading it – it’s refreshing, inspiring and something I believe everyone can relate with…. Permission to reblog it please?

    PS: Thanks for liking one of my posts. It made me to discover your beautiful blog. I’m Inspired!

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    • Sallyporte says:

      Thank you so much Daal🙂
      I remember a quote which said..Life is too short to hate!
      Doing, thriving and experiencing the best at the present moment is very important because at end its not the years in life that matters but life in your years that matters most!

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  7. Inese Poga Art plus Life says:

    Being 58 at the moment, I would like to say, that life doesn’t have to be a race. It’s the system which wants one to be always racing and competing against somebody or something. Life should be more of a discovery, a way to make somebody else’s, and in particular our own life more saturated. Nowadays, it really means to race if one is trying to reach some kind of a top. Is there any top? Isn’t it that a the end we all will have to regret the racing because we missed quiet moments with people who deserve our love, but whom we rarely get to say I love you. Each day is a unique never returning point in time, and you’re right: we shouldn’t waste the days we are given. I’m writing about this and similar stuff, for example, how trying to achieve success people go over corpses and other people’s lives in my secondary blog:

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    • Sallyporte says:

      Thank you Inese🙂
      Race in life is not bad you see for the reason because without comparison there is no improvisation,
      But purpose is more important than the need.
      As you rightly pointed, even while reaching at the top the celebration is always incomplete in absence of your closed ones..
      Dollars make us feel secure but only memories can bring that smile🙂
      Run not be a winner but to be a champion!!

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    • Sallyporte says:

      Thank you for appreciation 🙂
      Today will be yesterday tomorrow..hence chasing your dreams and following your passion at right time is the spark of life, because torch lights bright when battery is new.
      Point is Achieve when young and capable , better to achieve later than to regret not trying later.

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